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My Secret to Ranking #1 on Google

  • avdigital | Jun 14, 2019

Do you know that more than 96% of consumers prefer to do a search about a product before they actually make a purchase? As per SEO Company, the first page of Google gets 95% of traffic as compared to 5% on their pages. Google, the go-to-place to search and buy products and services for almost every human being who is exploring the power of the Internet. Corporate and marketers need to understand best SEO practices to improve their web portal rankings on this search engine giant.

Why SEO Company aims for rank on the very first page?

As per statics and surveys, more than 96% of search queries are long-tail-which means consumers make use of 4 or more words to search for their products/services. When your company website presence becomes visible on the very first page, your site can fetch you 18 times more traffic as compared to your firm visibility on the 10th page of Google search engine.

 According to the top-notch SEO Company in Houston like ArmaVita Digital, some essential factors about search engine optimization are the same from the past two decades. These are your website architecture, content and keywords, and links and mentions.

Some of the essential and not to ignored SEO factors:-

One of the biggest factors is changing Google’s algorithms. Almost 500 changes are made every year. Some are publicly announced some are just speculations by industry professionals. Algorithms updates can include mobile-friendly websites, aiming to understand the context behind the user’s search, spotting spammers for penalties, and much more. One can check-out Google’s Webmaster Central or Moz’s Google Algorithm Change History to learn more about the Algorithm updates.

A professional SEO Company can help you analyze your current SEO rank, the first page which shows up in search results, average cost-per-click for the keyword, site speed test, site health in areas –DNS, mail server, web server, blacklist, general site issues, and most importantly in tracking right metrics and keywords that generate traffic etc…

Keyword research is an important on-page SEO step to improve ranking. It helps in figuring out customer lifecycle, what they want and how they want. By differentiating between commercial and informational keywords, you can make changes o your site relevantly.

When you are trying to make your presence felt online, work on the SEO-friendly title for every page of site or Meta description. The title should not act as click bait, yet it should be attractive and genuine. You can place the brand name in the end and page theme in the beginning.

Support your content with images and videos while practicing ethical SEO methodologies. You can create content in several languages and must focus on pagination as compare to lazy loading. If possible avoid the canonical tag on page 2, 3 which are pointing to page 1. Make use of Advanced Google commands.

Your SEO Company can also work on images optimization by focusing on elements like the size of the image, file name, Alt Attribute, content near images, etc…

Make sure your website is mobile-friendly since more than 60% of consumers browse and shop via Smartphone. You can make use of Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test to evaluate whether your site pages with content is easily accessible to phone users or not. Through tools and resources, you can figure out pages redirection errors and pages where robots.txt blocked the Googlebot crawlers.

Avoid using bad links and black hat SEO techniques to prevent Google penalty. Analyze inbound links to your site through tools like-Majestic, Open Site Explorer, Ahrefs, etc…The results from these tools can show you the number of links which directly or indirectly impact your Google ranking, how to have a balance between dofollow and nofollow links, how to diversify anchor text, harmful links, etc…

You must remember that is no magic button which you can press to rank #1 on the Google search engine. Google’s algorithm changes constantly and you need to approach the right and experienced SEO Company in Houston which can work with dedication and creatively on your website ranking improving the project.

Luis Solis

Luis Solis was born in Guadalajara, Mexico and immigrated to the U.S in 2002. He has a passion for social media and is also a singer songwriter.