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Imagine the success that your company could achieve by appearing first on Google. A quality and relevant search engine optimization strategy will be an integral piece of your digital marketing plan. Your website’s presence on the first page of a person’s search is the goal of a well-planned search engine marketing campaign.

Choosing a Houston SEO company at ArmaVita Digital with SEO experts on staff that will help you to make sure that this will be the norm for your company’s website. Apart from SEO, we provide best logo design, website development, and much more!

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On-Page SEO – The foundation of your search engine optimization strategy

On-page SEO is the practice of optimizing individual web pages to rank higher and earn more appropriate traffic in search engines. On-page refers to both the content which is used on the entire page and HTML source code of the page that can be optimized.

ArmaVita SEO expert in Houston will provide the best on-page optimization with proper HTML source code which is valuable for your website and boost ranking on search engines and engage visitors to improve conversions.

Off-Page SEO- The driving force that websites need to be successful

Off-page SEO is the process of building inbound links. From local listings to guests posts these links help your sites domain and page authority.

Our clients work with an SEO consultant to make sure that search engines optimally view your website. ArmaVita establishes and implements link-building tactics that bring about inbound links from numerous well-listed, trusted, and related websites.


Your search engine optimization plan is reflected in the quality of your website’s content

Proper on-page search engine optimization is often disregarded as an important part of SEO campaigns. Successful websites have structured code and quality content, as a result, search engines are able to identify where that website should rank in search results.

An ArmaVita SEO Expert will work to correct website and page structure errors. We can produce content that is both attractive for search engines and informative to visitors.

Conversion funnel optimization allows for the newly generated traffic to turn into genuine leads for your business

While generating traffic is the goal of SEO, being able to convert traffic into leads defines a successful campaign. Creating a conversion optimized flow helps increase leads generated from traffic, after all, there is no point to all of this new traffic if none of it translates into new business for the company. ArmaVita Ditigal, a Houston SEO agency, will audit your website and make adjustments to improve conversion rates.

We create conversion paths utilizing age-old marketing techniques and apply them online. Calls to action, content offers, landing pages, and lead forms. Conversion optimization turns traffic from SEO into an increase in business and sales.



SEO and PPC are long-term (organic) and short-term (paid) strategies, respectively, that work together so that a website is able to gain a great ranking. ArmaVita Digital can employ both of these strategies.


97% of consumers search online before buying local products or services. SEO is a long-term strategy that generates organic traffic from search engines. In 2018, ranking well on Google can be a significant factor in a companies success. ArmaVita Digital SEO consultants are well-versed on how to put in place an SEO strategy. Not only increase traffic to the website but also improve the Google ranking of that website as well.


Pay per click campaigns, such as Google AdWords, is the short term, fast track jump start that a website needs. Search engine optimization is taking the time it needs to take hold on the internet. A PPC strategy can supplement an SEO campaign which can take months to materialize organic results, furthermore, PPC is also a great option for keywords that are in industries or niches that are highly competitive.