We design and create eye-catching, fast responding, and easy to navigate company websites.

Every company, regardless of the size, needs a website that they can be proud to put out there as a representation of their brand. Not only should it look great, but it also needs to increase the amount and quality of the digital traffic that it draws in. Every website is created with our client and their goals in mind. Our experienced and educated team of designers and specialists have helped countless companies have websites that aid in their goals and success.

Our websites accommodate all types of digital traffic, no matter what type of device they are using.

The creation of mobile devices like tablets and smartphones has changed the way that people are experiencing the internet and a company’s website has to be able to adapt to that.

Websites need to be able to function just as well on these mobile devices as it would on a laptop or a desktop computer. All of the sites that we create are created with this new age reality in mind.

Websites need to be easy to update and manage to reflect the ever-changing atmosphere of business.

A company needs to be able to update and expand their website to reflect the new things that are going on and changing on a regular basis. It needs to be able to support various applications, and it needs to be easy to do because time is money when it comes to business.

We use one of the simplest, yet most sophisticated content management systems out there – WordPress.

Well-built websites are going to generate increased traffic, but the critical part is turning that traffic into new customers.

Everyone needs to increase their traffic, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that it is going to attract new customers. A result- evoking website needs to have great content, call to actions, landing pages, and forms that are going to turn those casual digital travelers into real customers.

Our specialists are going to work in tandem with you to make sure that your website is engineered to do just that, turn travelers into genuine customers.

One of the most critical parts of a great website is the content that is on it.

These digital travelers are looking to gain a certain amount of information and knowledge about your brand from the content that is available on your website. If they can learn something from the site right away, they are going to be more likely to want to know more.

Our content creators and specialists are going to work with you to make sure that they create content that is thought-provoking and focused on eliciting more interest and extended conversations about your brand.

Turn your web presence into a lead generating machine.


A website investment with ArmaVita, depending on the size and the complexity, is going to run a company between $2,000 and $15,000. If a company is looking for a more in-depth and advanced website, because they are looking to set serious goals for their growth, it may be more than $15,000.


  • A custom design based on your brand
  • Professional content audit and development
  • Search Engine Optimized layout
  • Optimal conversion funnel that includes calls-to-action, landing page(s), and conversion forms
  • Perfected layout for use across all types of devices
  • WordPress used for easy use and updating whenever necessary


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Kobelco Cranes

Kobelco Cranes

Kobelco Cranes

Moffett Law Firm

Kobelco Cranes

Kobelco Cranes

Kobelco Cranes


The first step we need to take is for us to understand your needs, so give us a way to reach out to you and let’s get to work.