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Law Firm SEO Services

We assist new and established law firms and attorneys reach (and stay) at the top of
search results.

Offer legal services for a specific niche? Our SEO solution is for you! Our expertise in optimizing for specific areas of practice means we can evaluate what your specific web pages need - and then create content that converts every time. We focus on building content around high-value, distinct, and individual websites that need to create a lasting impression on potential clients.

Do you need to rank your website higher for niche legal practices? Are you looking to stand out among SERP listings for huge, multi-practice law firms? We can help you do that, while creating a wonderful website experience for your current and prospective clients.

At ArmaVita, we prioritize higher rankings and top-quality traffic for your law firm.

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The Types of Legal Firms We Serve

  • Large firms with specialized legal services
  • Firms looking to rank for one or two specific services
  • Successful firms introducing highly specialized types of legal assistance into their repertoire
  • Firms of any size, looking to rank higher, in general.

All of these different types of firms have certain issues that require customized Search Engine Optimization solutions at the individual web page level. We create those solutions by working closely with our content creation teams and going over your website with a fine-toothed comb. First, we understand what your website or chosen service page needs to rank higher. Then, we work with our content teams to optimize your content for better visibility in SERPs. Additionally On top of that, we make sure that your website’s SEO infrastructure is built for success. (Iif not, then we provide specific optimization guidelines and help you implement them.). All of this results in not just a rise in the ranks for your pages, but a website experience that turns a higher number of prospects into clients.

Our SEO Services For Law Firms

Baseline Metrics & Research
  • Keyword Research
    Your keywords determine what sort of visitor you bring to your site. Our keyword research strategies improve your keyword performance to where your target audience finds you – effortlessly.
  • SEO Content Creation
    Your content needs to be optimized for ranking opportunities that you can easily capture. We go through huge amounts of search data and create content that your competitors can only hope to have.
  • Technical SEO Optimization
    Your web pages could have issues that prevent them from ranking. We reveal those issues and fix them to optimize your pages for Google crawlers.
  • Full Site SEO Audit
    Your website may be preventing you from being indexed by Google, ranking, and/or getting high-quality traffic. We look for issues such as missing title tags and broken links, and methodically fix them.
Fixes & Outreach
  • Link Evaluation
    Spammy links can damage your website’s chances of ranking well. We analyze your link profile and prune links according to top industry link metrics.
  • Information Architecture Scrutiny
    The way your website is structured may be holding it back from ranking opportunities. We make sure your most linkable assets are highlighted.
  • UX and UI Analysis
    Your user experience can make or break traffic influx and conversions. We analyze your pages for UX improvement opportunities, and capitalize on each.
  • Backlink Building
    Time-tested tactic to improve domain authority and overall ranking. We build backlinks from news networks, leading directories, and more to quickly improve search rankings.

A Complete SEO Package

A mix of high-level content marketing and intelligent SEO, for high-conversion site pages. Your journey to attract quality clients for your niche legal service shouldn’t be hampered by substandard web pages.

We’ll create an effective SEO campaign around your services to highlight them for a variety of keywords and search queries. This, backed by content that describes your legal service as an experience for potential clients, sends conversions through the roof. Let our content and SEO campaign skyrocket your growth and establish you as a trusted & authoritative source for specialized legal services.

Schedule a free consultation to learn more about how we fit in with your business and what we can do deliver the results you want from your agency.

Simplifying SEO for Lawyers

Results without the unintelligible jargon

Finding the perfect client for your legal service shouldn’t be difficult. We make it easy for you to attract the ideal clients for whichever legal service you offer.

Understanding your Traffic

We take the time to  understand your visitors, and analyze what questions they ask or what they look for in terms of legal services. This means that you can have high-quality content with strategically targeted keywords that serves as the perfect solution to your client’s problem.

Analyzing your Competition

We look at your competitors and find out what helps them rank, as well as, what prevents them from ranking. We then implement a strategy that targets their success points, and avoids their mistakes. You also get a holistic view of content creation best practices for future guidance.

Optimize Page-by-Page

We ensure each of your pages are optimized for the service you advertise on it. We upgrade your ranking potential for each page by either adjusting the contents of the entire page, or making certain micro-improvements.

Discover Linking Opportunities

Your inbound links determine your overall success from an SEO point of view. We audit all your existing links, weed out ones that hurt your rankings, and improve the valuable ones you already have. We also look at your competitors’ link performance ,to create new linking opportunities for you.

Why Choose ArmaVita Digital?

Your success is our mission. Our Google local search services are achieved following ethical guidelines and in collaboration with the search engines we partner with. Our commitment to excellence sets a high standard for our small business SEO services, ensuring customer satisfaction and aligning goals so Logical Position and our clients can succeed together.

With so many Google Local Search specialists and small business SEO management companies to choose from, we want you to find an agency that’s the right fit.

Schedule a free consultation to learn more about how we fit in with your business and what we can do deliver the results you want from your agency.

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