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10 Advanced SEO Techniques to Use in 2019

  • avdigital | Jun 7, 2019

If you want to succeed in online business in 2019, you could sum up what you need to do in a few words. Here are those “few words.”

Mobile, Video, Infographics, Niche.

Of course, that’s just too basic for a process as important as offering quality products and services to potential customers who have to wade through 150 million active websites to find you. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at 10 advanced SEO techniques to use in 2019: –

1. Visual Tags

Just as a veteran salesman knows the buying decision is made emotionally, with justification made according to reason, you should know that human beings are primarily visual creatures. As you plan your marketing strategy, you might want to start at the website or landing page and work backward. Make sure the search engine bots can find your content by using title tags and alt tags to define your visual content. The search engines must also know your visual content is relevant. Talk to a professional SEO consultant to learn more.

2. Mobile World

Industry studies show more than half of all website traffic comes from mobile devices – a smartphone or tablet. You should be sure when a potential customer finds you, they see a site design that works well on the mobile device. Learn more about Google’s emphasis on mobile-first indexing.

3. Target Market & Buyer Persona

You must have a well-defined target market (niche). Don’t try to sell to the world. Learn what your customers want and tailor SEO efforts to those needs and wants. Find out more about your customer’s age, sex, income group, lifestyle preferences. What do these individuals talk about? How can you best make a connection to members of this defined group? Always learn and adapt. Don’t stand still, because you’ll actually be falling behind.

4. Video Marketing

In keeping with the “visual” idea presented earlier, one of the most important elements of online success involves video content. Why? People will stay with a video message longer than they will with a text-based message. Google has taken this into account when producing search-query results. Use the correct keywords in Meta descriptions and in titles of the video for it to be found easily.

5. The CrUX of the Matter

This is one technique you should probably discuss with your SEO pro. Industry veterans are reporting that CrUX data underwent a major change in the past year. Learn all you can about real user measurements (RUM) and have this conversation with your marketing guru.

6. Value Your Backlinks

Do what you can to get important, quality backlinks. Put your effort into working with social media influencers, people who are recognized in your area of interest. You should also pursue guest blogging on recognized and respected sites.

7. Focus on Fresh Content

If you’ve already established a verifiable presence in your niche, don’t let it sit there and get “old.” Most of the advice you’ll come across for content production urges consistent, frequent updates of old content, and the regular addition of new content.

8. Rank Brain

This is a Google algorithm designed to understand what you’re searching for, of course. But the goal is to understand your query as a human being would. The ultimate goal of a search is to get relevant results, right? You can take a step in this direction by focusing on what your potential customer intends to find when looking for products or services.

9. Scoop Out the Keywords

If you’ve read about improving your SEO results, you’ve encountered the idea of keywords. In fact, this has been mentioned here a couple of times, for good reasons. The effort you put into keywords and Meta descriptions can make a significant difference in your success as an online business. First and foremost, don’t try to stuff your content with keywords. Hold to about 1% keyword density rule and you should be fine. Take the time to learn about keyword relevance and power.

10. The Competition Analysis

As you develop and improve your SEO program, dedicate some time to understanding what your competitors are doing. Put your efforts into keyword research, or have a specialist do it for you. As one expert says, your SEO strategy will be more effective when you know what’s already working in your industry.

The Conclusion

This list is somewhat limited, of course. Entire books have been written on how to succeed through good SEO efforts. Try some of these ideas and watch your conversion rate climb.